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Cumberland, British Columbia, Canada

(250) 702-3285

Ra Earth

apothecary & mercantile

Small batches ensure quality, love and care are put into every product.

Approximately ninety percent of the plants used in Elise's herbal products are either harvested in Elise’s personal Herbal Garden or are sustainably wild-crafted by Elise herself – the intention is for every herbal product to come from her hands, into your home and life. This process ensures that the utmost care, quality, and attention has been put into every herbal healing product. From the growth of the seed, to the final packaging, Elise has consciously devoted time and expertise to every step. Any plants that have not been gathered personally by Elise, and that are used in her herbal formulas, have been ethically sourced from other herbal practitioners. 


The love Elise has to create and to share the world of medicinal plants, expands beyond her herbal healing products and into her art field, a world where she can create with her imagination and her hands. She offers greeting cards and informational cards with her hand drawings of medicinal botanicals, calendars that display the moon cycle and when certain plants begin to flower throughout the seasons, herbal infused candles, flower and medicinal seeds from her garden to yours, handmade flower presses, pressed flowers from her garden and Cumberland’s surrounding area, and hand embroidered upcycled clothing and hand embroidered hoops that depict plants from her garden.

Ra Earth apothecary & mercantile is a small-scale artisanal Herbalist business, that is locally owned (in Cumberland, BC), and operated by Herbalist and Artist, Elise Turgeon. 

Elise and her partner, Mike, have two beautiful daughters that love nature as much as their parents. Being able to heal and nurture her family is the main reason that Elise turned to plants for their natural healing properties.

Elise’s aim is to combine the art of healing and creativity into every one of her handmade products and to make these products accessible to her local community, and online customers. She offers high quality handmade plant-based healing products, artwork that is inspired by medicinal plants, and for those who seek it, can offer knowledge of plant medicine and how these plants can help heal the body. 

Promoting health and wellbeing for your family